Receive pre-qualified enquiries from tenants and investors

For Diamond and Platinum Ads, we ensure any valuable enquiries don’t slip through the net. All enquiries will be followed up by an in-house team of customer experience professionals, to ensure none are missed.

Watch the video to learn how our team of customer experience advisors work to improve tenants’ and investors’ experiences by pre-qualifying their requirements.



Never miss valuable enquiries

As each of your enquiries will be contacted by our in-house team, you will never miss high value enquiries.


Increase conversion rates between enquires and viewings

We will get as much information as possible about searchers’ requirements. Then, we will pass a pre-qualified enquiry to you or your agent. 


Impress tenants and investors with great customer service

First impressions count! Fast response rates hugely improve the chance of conversion.



How does the process work?


Searchers leave enquiries for your property

The enquiries generated from your Signature Ads will be passed onto our team of customer experience advisors.


We will contact all enquiriers 

Each enquirer will be contact by one of our customer experience advisors to verify their requirement and eagerness to transact.


Receive pre-qualified enquiries

You or your agent will be contacted by our team via email with pre-qualified enquiries.


Request a call back

If you are interested in Realla Signature Ads, fill in the form below to request a call back from our team.  


* We aim to reply within 24 hours